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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Movement & Creativity

Mindfulness and creativity are useful approaches to therapy and are increasingly being recognised to be effective in stress reduction and overall wellbeing and happiness.

Mindfulness CBT

Mindfulness CBT

This is widely used and is effective for treating conditions such as anxiety and depression. It focuses on the present day and moment, rather than worrying about the future or the past. Individuals are encouraged to bring awareness to patterns of negative thinking and to notice the impact on their behaviour and emotional responses. Rather than engaging in the thoughts, they are encouraged to use techniques to help observe them without actively engaging in them and letting them affect their functioning. The concept of mindfulness is based on the Eastern philosophy of living in the present moment. It is a practice which over time becomes habit, replacing habitual negative or anxious styles of thinking.

Mindful movement

Mindful Movement & benefits of movement for wellbeing

Expressing oneself through movement and somatic responses can be as effective as talking therapies. It is helpful for anxiety and depression as well as helping with negative body image, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Bilateral and contralateral movements help with co-ordination, attention and concentration. Moving to Heal and Moving to Calm are therapeutic programmes to help with movement disorders and pain, and also development of attention, concentration and activity levels in children.

Creative Therapies

Creative Therapies

When individuals work creatively, they can become more expressive and communicative, particularly for children or for adults who may struggle verbally. This raises their awareness of issues and encourages change. The creative work can involve music, art, writing, dance and drama. These approaches can also be incorporated into talking therapy sessions to help with the process of change.

Understanding ...

The Difference Between Meditation & Mindfulness

The main difference between meditation and mindfulness is that meditation is an umbrella term that includes various techniques including mindfulness. Mindfulness is a form of meditation which became used as a stress reduction technique and health based approach in 1979 in the US, following research and treatment of chronically ill patients by Jonathan Kabat-Zinn. This started the trend for using mindfulness as a way to live a healthier life. It involves being truly present. In meditation, focusing on the breath is a form of mindful Meditation.

The Use of Creative Art, Music & Movement in Therapy

The aim of creative therapies is to help individuals find a form of expression beyond words or traditional therapy. Adults may find it helpful if they are finding it difficult in talking therapy, or more natural to express themselves through their creativity. For teenagers in particular, music and movement are helpful releases for stress and emotion. Writing in a journal can release stress, or can be used for specific problem areas such as focusing attention on goals or unresolved feelings of anger.