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Maternal Wellbeing / Mamavoice

I encourage Mums to be able to speak out about the more difficult parts of motherhood. It may be that you are experiencing symptoms and signs of postnatal depression or the effects of exhaustion on mood but are unable to voice this to partners or families, or are not being taken seriously. These sessions can take place either in the clinic, or sometimes it is helpful to be walking and talking whilst you push your buggy. Programmes are designed to suit yours and your baby’s needs.

Post Natal Depression (PND)

Postnatal Depression (PND)

Often PND is misdiagnosed or undiagnosed and can cause many problems if not treated properly. This service is also for partners and families to understand the situation, and to gain a clearer insight into the thoughts, emotions and behaviours associated with Postnatal depression to ensure the needs of the mother and baby are met. I may liase with health visitors and GP’s or refer you to other healthcare professionals where appropriate.


Exhaustion and Impact on Wellbeing and Mood

Motherhood exhaustion can have a significant impact on mood, which can also impact on relationships and bonding with your baby. Using a CBT approach, I can help you to manage your mood and the impact that it may be having on your life, relationships and the attachment to your baby.

Motherhood / return to work

Adjustment to Various Stages of Motherhood & Return To Work

The aim is for mothers to be able to speak out, to acknowledge the more difficult and challenging aspects of motherhood, and to learn skills to manage them more effectively. Coaching programmes such as those outlined in the career and life coaching page are available as well to help with returning to work or with staying at home after maternity leave.

Understanding ...

Post Natal Depression & Baby Blues

Postnatal depression can be frightening for Mums and significant others. Symptoms include feeling low in mood and tearful, feeling detached, not bonding with your baby and change in appetite. Even if you do not meet the criteria for a diagnosis of PND you may still experience some symptoms. The effects of a traumatic birth, or sleeplessness can affect your mood and behaviour. This should also be voiced so that the necessary help can be accessed, as well as strategies and support which can directly impact on a baby’s wellbeing.

Low Mood & Low Self-Worth

It is common for Mums to feel low in mood, inadequate and low in self-worth. This can be linked to factors such as social isolation, change in routine and a transition from working to staying at home, sleeplessness, exhaustion and feeling out of control. Mental health before pregnancy is also accounted for, and a tailored programme developed to meet your specific needs.