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Corporate Psychology & Consultancy

This involves health and wellbeing at work. Using my previous experience as Head of Psychological Services at AXA PPP Healthcare and working with occupational health doctors, I provide a service to assess employees’ fitness to return to work, and consultation on wellbeing at work. Assessment, formulation and treatment of Psychological problems such as depression and stress form part of this programme.

Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is a key contributor to absenteeism which is why preventative approaches are best. It is important to address causes of stress and to provide individuals or teams with suitable stress management techniques. I run workshops and individual programmes for businessses to help with stress management.

Resilience and change

Resilience & Change Management

Developing resilience can be helpful for managing change and adapting to changing situations. I use a strengths based CBT model to help individuals and groups to manage change at work.

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy Including Return To Work Programmes

This involves helping HR managers to understand mental health conditions in the workplace and guidance for employees returning to work. This includes issues that may affect performance in the workplace, such as dealing with bereavement and depression.

Understanding ...

Wellbeing At Work

This is key to a functioning organisation. Both physical and mental wellbeing are important for presenteeism and productivity. Mental health and musculoskeletal disorders are the main reasons for absenteeism. Return to work programmes following a period of absence, help with managing a bereavement, identifying features of depression or an eating disorder can all be useful tools for managers in a workplace.

Models of Change and Building Resilience

Change is inevitable in the workplace but not everyone can manage it well. Using techniques from various theories of change, including the Kubler Ross Model of Change and Prochaska and DiClemente Cycle of Change, individuals and teams can be successfully helped to adapt to and accept change.