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Career and Life Coaching

If you feel stuck in your job or in certain aspects of your life and you need a change, then coaching may be helpful for you.

Career coaching

Career Coaching

This can be helpful to you in finding the right job following redundancy, change of career path, returning to work after maternity leave or if you have recently left school or University. Coaching is helpful to determine what type of job matches your individual skills, passion and personality.

Wheel of Life

Life Coaching

If you feel that one or more aspects of your life such as health, finances, or leisure, is out of balance then you may want to think about life coaching. This involves setting goals and targets to achieve the changes you have identified. The starting point will be the Wheel of Life, described below.

Reaching your potential using a coaching approach

Reaching your potential using a coaching approach

Flow is a concept in Positive Psychology also known as being in the zone, described in the section below. Using this concept within a goal focused coaching framework, you can reach your potential by identifying your passions, talents, skills and aspirations.

Understanding ...

Wheel of Life Coaching Tool

The starting point for coaching is using the Wheel of Life. This is a useful tool to explore the areas of your life that may need more attention and you are hoping to improve. These areas may include relationships, work, finance and leisure. It involves rating these areas from 0 to 10, and setting goals to try and increase satisfaction levels.


Flow is a concept developed by Chizentmihalyi, initially used to demonstrate that when skills and challenges are matched, a state of wellbeing called Flow can be experienced. This is not exclusively gained from employment and was initially identified in a group of rock climbers. Often individuals feel dissatisfied with work, and experience anxiety, boredom or burn out. By finding flow through other activities this boredom can be balanced with flow experiences.